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Film Composer / Music Producer / Audio Engineer

Orchestral, Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient, Synthwave, Dark Synthwave, Cosmic Horror and Funk.

 "Twins in Crime" a new Belgian mystery and thriller Feature Film, is currently making the rounds on the global festival circuit, and will be shown to a wider audience soon.
Written and directed by Tantane
Directed and produced by Shae Mostinckx

Music / Sound Design, Composed, Produced and Performed by Bruno Bizarro

"Bruno Bizarro is one of the great national promises of musical composition for fiction and computer games, having studied at the famous SAE Institute in Madrid. In his curriculum, he already presents the soundtrack of several films from the four corners of the world, from Uruguay to France, passing through Spain and obviously Portugal."

— João Ganho
Audio Engineer and Owner of Ganho do Som Studio

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